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An air fryer is a peculiar kind of kitchen tool and a lot of people are still uncertain about what they can bring in a kitchen. But thanks to air fryers, a lot of people are now enjoying fat-free delights. 

Did you know that you can do a whole lot more with this amazing kitchen appliance? Well, here are air fryer tips and tricks you need to know.

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You might be surprised about how many people don’t preheat their ovens. This thought applies just as much to air fryers. Air fryers need to be preheated before any cooking is done. 

This ensures that the food you are cooking gets equal parts of heat from all angles. A considerable amount of pre-heat equals a better cook on your food.

Grease Up

Greasing an air fryer might be counterintuitive at first, however, there are some reasons you need to use a little bit of the forbidden liquid. Greasing the basket of an air fryer ensures that what you are cooking does not stick and gives you a hard time. 

Rest assured, all excess grease will fall through just as well. Spraying additional oil in the middle of cooking also results in the crispiest cooking ever.

Memorize Cooking Times

Learning the ins and outs of an air fryer might give you a lot of valuable insight in handling said appliance. One of which is learning the cooking time of different kinds of ingredients.

A lot of appliances require a considerable amount of experimentation to fully understand and utilize. We advise you to do the same with the air fryer.

Shake It

Another air fryer tip is shaking. While some air fryers have this kind of feature, the cheaper and more common kinds require you to shake at least once or twice. This guarantees an even cook on whatever mouth-watering snack you have cooking.

Cook in a Single Layer

While your first instinct in cooking with this humble cooking appliance is to stuff it to the brim with chicken wings, the most optimal way to cook using an air fryer is cooking in a single layer This provides a decent circulation of heat results in a crispy mouth-watering food.


What if I told you that you can bake cookies or even pizzas in an air fryer? Well, in some cases, you definitely can! All you need are prepped and chilled cookie doughs on the ready and you are good to go. Give it a try and tell us what kind of cookies you made using the air fryer

Clean Immediately

You should immediately clean the trays and baskets as soon as your cooking is done. This guarantees it for longer use as well as cleanses all kinds of minerals and proteins that might cause rusting and the like. It’s also advised to heat it a little bit after storing to ensure that no moisture would harbor a bad smell or anything alike.

There you have it. Air fryer tips that will surely help you in utilizing an air fryer. Which of the air fryer tips is your favorite?

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