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These sewing hacks are going to change your life!

Sewing is one of the best hobbies to have. Not only is it relaxing, but it’s also very rewarding once you see the results of your work. You can save a lot of money with just some thread and a needle.

And if you want to be a little bit creative, sewing is a great way to do it!

Improve your sewing and make it easier with these sewing hacks that you probably don’t know about.

Sewing Hacks Every Crafty Person Should Know

How to store a bobbin and a thread

Use a golf tee to organize your bobbins and threads. Simply place the bobbin on top of the thread and insert the golf tee in the middle. Match your bobbins and threads so you don’t have to keep digging for the right color!

But if you don’t have a golft tee, you can try this awesome bobbin holder!

How to gather a fabric easily

Save more time when gathering fabric (especially heavy fabric) with this sewing hack. Start by zigzagging over a piece of crochet thread. Then pulling it to gather. The crochet thread is thicker so it doesn’t easily snap unlike when you pull basting stitches.

Want to give it a try? Check out this step-by-step tutorial for the full details!

How to unpick serger stitches

You can easily unpick serger stitches by identifying the needle threads (the two rows of straight stitches). Be gentle when separating and pulling them. Once you’ve removed those from the looper threads, the rest will start to unravel.

In case you have tight stitches, try snipping them in intervals. It will take longer but it’s faster than using a seam ripper.

How to make your straight pins move through the fabric

Don’t you just hate finicky straight pins? They can be frustrating to work with, too. To help you, try sticking your straight pins into a bar of soap. Any soap will do. With the soap’s coating, your straight pins are going to easily move right through the fabric!

How to line up layers nicely without all the hassle

Are you still using pins to line up layers as you stitch? It’s time to drop those. I’ve got something better for you! Try using mini clothespins to keep the layers nicely without having to pin and repin.

How to thread needles fast and easy

Threading needles can be such a chore but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily thread needles this hack. Next time you thread a needle, use a hairspray to spray the tip of the threads. You’ll find out how easy and quick it takes for you to thread the needle.

How to sew straight lines

This one’s really easy. Simply get some washi tape and use it to mark your seam allowance by taping it along the sewing machine. When you sew, line your fabric with the tape as you sew.

How to sew a circle

Be creative with your sewing by cutting sandpaper in a circle to the size you need. Then, simply sew around the sandpaper to create that perfect circle!

How to save money on thread

Start saving money on thread by using this sewing hack. Instead of small spools, use the larger cones. How? You can either use a mug or a thread stand. You can watch the video below for more info on thread stands.

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How to make crisp, even hems

Save more time by using this hack to make crisp and even hems. First, draw a line on a card stock, depending on the length of the hem you’re making. If it’s 2 inches, draw 2 inches in from the card stock’s edge. Then, place the card stock on fabric. The line should be parallel to the fabric’s edge. Fold the fabric over your card stock making sure that the edge of the fabric is parallel to the line.

Press your fabric with an iron. Repeat to encase the raw edge. Once that’s done, stitch the hem to secure.

Which of the sewing hacks listed above is your favorite?

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