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The kitchen is one of the most important of a house. It’s where the food is and where the family gathers to eat together. Whether you are living in a city apartment or a rural home, you cannot deny that the kitchen is an essential area. By merely enhancing the room’s lighting, you give your home a whole new look.

The good news is, there are hundreds of ways to improve your kitchen lighting and most of it won’t break the bank. So without further ado, here are five upgrades to help you.

LED Strip Lights

As an alternative, LED strip lights are flexible and work fantastic for any space especially as standard lighting. You can use them to light up dark corners which are great for under counters. These can even provide enough illumination so you can prepare meals. Try to install a few strip lights on top of cabinets to remove that closed-in feel. You can also use it to highlight decors and arts in the room.


Pendant Lights

Islands in the kitchen are one of the most challenging parts to design. Lucky for you, pendant lights work fantastic in accentuating the island. These types of lighting vary in styles so choose whichever you want – something that shows off your personality and will do great to blend in with all the other surfaces.


Recessed Lights

If you already have recessed lights, maybe it’s time you upgrade them. If you don’t have any, then why not buy some? Standard recessed lights work amazingly in lighting up the kitchen especially the floors, cabinets, and walls. Once set up, distribute the light in your kitchen area and show off your mad cooking skills and dishes.  Check what best suits your kitchen and your style.


Countertop Lamps

Use a lamp to light up your countertop. Not only will this provide you better lighting when preparing food, but it also creates a cozy and warm feel. Place the best lamp you found in the corner and upgrade your kitchen’s inviting effect. Choose a color and style to suit the theme of your kitchen. Let your personality shine with them.


Stick-on Lights

If you are on a budget, stick-on lights are fantastic and will only cost you around $10 for three pieces. It’s easy to install and brighten up countertops. Just peel the backing and press it into any unit you want.  Try putting them on countertops, above the sinks, or inside cupboards and drawers.



All in all, these are some great ways to improve your kitchen lighting. Try a few and watch as your kitchen comes back to life. Consider what you need in your space and check to see which light will work fantastically to fulfill that much-needed role. If you are on a budget, you can always go to thrift shops. Who knows? You might find a few unusual and rare pieces.

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