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Lights can often make or break your home. Having some dazzling well-placed lightings would make a small household feel broader and crisper while having poorly placed lighting can make you suffer. 

Lighting a home is always a big plus and using some for decorations might be the right decision. Here are some ways for you to make your house brighter and add a little more zing to it.

To any room, be it the living room, the kitchen, or the bedroom, lightings work like magic. It can transform any room with its all-out glimmering or soft and subtle touch. After all, illumination is an essential decoration for any home.

For a home, getting the lighting right is crucial. It can help define the functionality or set the mood to a room. Inadequate light can mess up any kind of home design, that countertop you just bought or that furniture you got from your mom will stay unappreciated if you are not going to highlight it with the right lightings.

To help you, here are easy ways to decorate your home with light decors.

1. Dress your shades

Dress up your chandeliers with fabric shades or glasses. Depending on what you want to go for – the design of the fabric shade can make any room look more glamorous or casual. So be careful and choose wisely. 

By utilizing shades, your lights will have a comfortable quality as it covers any light and directs them downwards to the table. Your floor or modern table lamps can be quickly updated by using a new shade. 

2. Get hands-on

For a cheaper and more creative alternative, you can design your very own lamps. In doing so, you can customize your lightings and include a personal touch for each lamp. Here are some ideas on what you can create to help you get started:

  • Make a pendant coil lamp
  • Create a table lamp with an acrylic base
  • Use mason jars to design your chandelier 
  • Craft a pendant lighting with some vintage doilies 
  • Turn a hula hoop into a bright chandelier
  • And so much more!

3. Add some drama

What’s better than candles in making a room look more fashionable in an old kind of way? Why not install a few metal holders for some candles? It creates a bit of drama to a room whenever you dim the lights. If you’re not a fan of candles, try some hard-wired sconces. They produce the same effect.

4. Go LED

If you want an exciting approach, use LED lighting. It illuminates any room with an array of colors with added effects. When decorating, you can either chose color changing patterns, have a single color, or be eco-friendly and use long-lasting LED lighting. 

For a cheaper alternative, you can also buy some LED tapes. With its small frame, it can fit into any small space be it inside tray ceilings, behind coves, above cabinets and so much more. LED lighting is one of the cost-effective ways to have a lot of visual interest and make a dynamic space.

5. Be creative

We’ve all heard it before, “think outside the box.” You can repurpose any lamp or lighting for a better-looking design. Try hanging some pendant lights with poles, cords, or chains. Don’t just stick to the usual stuff. In doing so, it helps free up some table space and make your room look more glamorous than ever.

6. Dangling bulbs

If you have a high roof or want something more artistic, hanging pendant lights or chandeliers are an excellent way to go.

Having those lights hang from the ceiling adds a modern yet rustic charm to either the dining table or the kitchen. Pendant lights can also be used as an alternative for chandeliers which you could fetch for a hefty price. What more, you can make it into a DIY project customizable to fit your own home.

7. Christmas Lights

The spirit of Christmas is always felt through every household with the small lights illuminating them. But that is not a reason for you to bust them out for an excellent and creative decoration. 

There are countless of things you can do with them such as hanging them over your bed to make it a bit more romantic, have them form a word on that bright white wall or wrap them around a tall house plant near your pool or even the patio. The possibilities are endless, the cost of the lights are cheap, and they shine bright orange or yellow. They go well with wooden houses and makes the walls feel a lot warmer. It incites coziness, and that is always a plus.

8. Designer Lights

Of course, designer lights would hurt your budget. However, their creative and artistic designs add to the aesthetic of a house and not only that, they provide your home some character. 

Having designer lighting causes the room to be more immersive and grand. So if you have a few pretty pennies to spare this is a great investment.


9. Mirrors and Windows

Now, I know this is cheating. Mirrors and windows don’t give off light. Well, that is where you are wrong. Having perfect lighting for a particular room does not only mean lighting from light bulbs. We should also consider sunlight. It would be a waste not to use that. 

Plus, having windows and mirrors is a great way to let sunlight in. Position the windows and mirrors properly. This will not only brighten the room but also heighten its beauty. These things make a great addition to your already beautiful house.

In contrast, using standard lamps and chandeliers are a good choice. Having a fireplace makes your home relaxing as well. 

Lighting is a very versatile resource that could make or break a house’s overall appearance. Decorating with the use of lightings have been and always will be one of the best ways to enhance a home’s ambiance and feel.

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