It’s nearly Mother’s Day and it’s about time we start thinking of how to celebrate it this year with everything that’s going on.

This year’s Mother’s Day is sure to be different than other years. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate it. Here are some ideas for making Mother’s Day special for your own mother, spouse or grandmother.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

Give her a little quiet time

With social distancing, your mom or spouse probably has probably had lots of time at home with the kids. So what better way to celebrate Mother’s day at home than to give them a break?

This can be an hour or two of “ME” time during the day. Here are a few ideas on how to go about this:

  • Let her sleep in and have a lazy morning
  • Let her read a book or take a nap in the afternoon
  • Set up a bubble bath just for her
  • Let her have a phone call with her mom or her friends without any interruptions

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Help the kids plan

Celebrate your spouse’s or mom’s special day by letting the kids plan a celebration. But well, if you and your siblings are all grown up, you’re the “kids” here. You can try to:

  • Make her breakfast in bed
  • Create a special lunch or dinner just for her
  • Set up a movie night and let your spouse or mom can pick the movie
  • Have fun with a game night where you play all her favorite games
  • Make handmade mother’s day cards and pick her some flowers
  • Bake together
  • Do something crafty
  • Order in dinner from her favorite restaurant
  • Have a family picnic on the living room

Don’t let her plan anything. Tell her to just relax and enjoy everything you’ve planned for her special day.

Help her do the chores

Being a mother can be exhausting with all the household chores. With that said, it’s not cool to tell her to relax for the day only to have her end up doing two days of household chores the next day. That’s not cool.

Your spouse or mother will surely appreciate it if you help her do the chores. You can start a load of laundry, clear the table, wash the dishes and so on.

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Virtually

If you can’t see your mom in real life, this one’s for you! Just because you can’t spend time in-person with your mom or grandmother, does not mean that you can’t celebrate it.

You can virtually celebrate mother’s day all thanks to technology. Here are several ideas:

  • Send her a bouquet of flowers
  • Do a virtual DIY wine tasting
  • Try doing an Airbnb online experience with her
  • Mail her a heartfelt handmade letter
  • Throw a virtual surprise party with all the people who mean so much to her in one place
  • Order her favorite meal
  • Collect beautiful photos of your mom and place them in the background of your Zoom call
  • Get your mom her new favorite book
  • Set up a call to virtually bake or cook together

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