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Every single thing that surrounds us has a significant effect on our physical, mental and emotional health. May it be a small detail or a slight shift from the usual surrounding environment of a person can cause a huge effect. 

A psychology professor has conducted a study regarding external factors, such as the clothes one wears, which can impact a person’s mood or behavior. And the study showed several significant insights. 

How do clothes affect one’s mood?

Clothes affect subconsciously 

The clothes that one wears significantly influence one’s mood and behavior. One way or another, clothes somehow define a person’s current mood or attitude on things or certain events. For instance, when one has an important event to attend, may it be meetings or parties, one dress based on how one would aim to display or show. 

It was also concluded that no matter how sharp one aims to dress, it is essential that one is comfortable in the clothes that one takes fancy to, to be able to exhibit properly the confidence one intends to present. 

Clothes’ Color

The color of the clothes one also wears considerably affects one’s mood and behavior. It is said that the ways or manner of a person behaves in certain things is greatly swayed by the colors one chooses to wear.  The studies reveal that the color red would somehow add up more energy and influence one’s physical attributes. For example, when one wears red, they tend to feel more energetic and see themselves be sexier and more attractive. 

Anything sports-related also uses colors black and red for their jerseys and uniforms since it is concluded that these colors would cause players to play aggressively, which equates to higher chances of winning. 

Certain colors are proven and tested to bring around one’s mood and behavior, thus helping achieve certain goals and aims in particular events or scenarios and even in day-to-day occurrences. 

Cleanliness of clothes

A clean environment or surroundings says a lot with regards to affecting one’s mental health. Having and wearing clean clothes is another thing. The study results show that clean clothes promote positive brain activity, happier mood, and relaxation, hence, improving one’s overall mental health. 

To be able to be comfortable with one’s clothes, it needs to be fresh and clean. This is why one can consult a laundry expert or visit the nearest laundromat to take care of dirty clothes. 

Clothes play a big part in one’s daily routine. It has a big part in conveying how presentable one looks to other people on big days, where there are important appointments and events and normal days. Do not only wear your style, but wear what keeps you comfortable. This is why one must consider the level of comfortability one has when these clothes are worn to suitably ace whatever one aims for through the positive attitude influenced by the clothing. Just like the saying, “What a strange power there is in clothing.”