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Tiny homes have become a national phenomenon and trending topic over the past few years. The tiny house movement is continuously growing as more and more people want to live in a smaller space.

If you’re one these people, you may find it challenging to downsize your three-bedroom lifestyle to a tiny house. But with the right décor, design, and mindset, you can.

Here are some great tips and tricks for living small in a tiny home.

Identify your needs

Make the most of your tiny space while considering your lifestyle. What are your desires and needs? Understanding what you want and how you want it will help you allot the right space for your home.

Do you want to create storage for your collection?

Do you love to cook and entertain?

Be smart with your space

It can be a challenge to organize your things in a small area. But it is possible. When you have a tiny home, you only have a few square feet to place all of your things. Use every space in your house and squeeze in a shelf or storage.

Each corner, nook, design, and material should work for you. Look beyond your floors and closets, and use your vertical space. Place wire bins or trays on top of refrigerators, mount a basket on the wall, or place a shelf on the corner. Going vertical can double or triple your living space and accommodate a ton of your things.

You can also squeeze in a bookcase that can double as a ladder. Get a sofa bed or an expandable dinner table that can accommodate 2 to 10 persons. 

If you love to DIY, build your very own space-saving masterpiece. You can create a staircase with drawers inside. Considering your space can help you organize better and keep the house neat.

Buy the right appliances

Because a tiny house has limited space, it is important that you get the right appliances to fit. If you love to bake and cook, consider having a stove oven to save on your kitchen floor space.

If you have a small floor space with a wide opened space above,  find the best appliance that can fit above.

In addition, if you want to have hot water inside your tiny house, hurry up and choose tankless. These tankless hot water heaters are great for tiny homes because they only take a small space and only heat the water as it flows. Plus, it can last up to more than ten years compared to a storage tank.

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Place a lot of windows

Without enough windows, your tiny house can make you feel claustrophobic. A simple window can make a huge difference when you’re living inside. It opens up small areas and allows natural light inside the house. It also helps you save money on the electric bills.

However, you should design your house logically to avoid an unbalanced look. Don’t just place a window in any part of the house, consider how the overall design will look like.

Aside from this, your windows should not only look beautiful, but they should also be moisture resistant, stable, and rated for your specific needs. Take your budget into consideration and the window’s functionality. For example; you could choose a casement window for your bay windows and awning windows for the loft.

In addition, you should think about the rain, breeze, and ventilation. Be consistent with your placements when you choose various functioning windows and watch your space get transformed.

tiny house living

Decorate with a simple color palette

With tiny homes, a uniform and simple color palette can make all the difference. When you want to shuffle your furnishings from one place to another, you won’t have to worry about making your tiny home feeling disjointed. In addition, this gives your house flexibility as you can move one object to another space and not make your house look like some hurricane came in and mixed everything.

It’s best to choose a light or white color palette to brighten up your space and make your tiny house look bigger. Bright and light walls are reflective and can make any space feel airy and open. It also helps to maximize the effect of natural lighting.

For the best result, choose blue and green, white and other soft tones. You can also paint the moldings and wall trim with colors that are lighter than your walls. This creates an illusion where your walls will appear to be farther back, thus making your living room seem larger.

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Utilize your outdoor space

When you have a limited indoor area, make the most of your outdoor space. Extend your living room, and create an outdoor oasis that’s perfect for summer barbeques. You can build a built-in bench as an outdoor dining area for the next time your friends come over to visit.

If you love gardening, you should definitely put your green thumb to use and create a beautiful outdoor garden where you can just relax and read a good book. You can also build hidden storage on the porch.

There are so many other ways to spruce up your outdoors and make it interesting.

Remove swinging closet doors

Your closet doors take a lot of floor space when opened. You can take the doors off to save you more space then hide the contents of your closet with a curtain. You can also opt for a sliding door to make your house look modern and chic.

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Loft your bed

Lastly, place your bedroom on the upper floor. This is one of the most common features of tiny houses. Having your bedroom in the loft area will provide more floor space for your home. With a lofted bed, you can put shelves, drawers, and cabinets underneath.

Have fun with your tiny space. Be creative and don’t be afraid to break the rules. After all, your house is an extension of yourself. Consider living in a small place as an exciting challenge.

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