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Dates cost a lot of money and energy.

If you and your significant other find yourself too busy, tired, lazy (and broke) to go on dates, why not try these stay at home date ideas that you can do from your couch?

And with the current situation, you’re bound to stay at home in isolation with your husband, fiance or boyfriend. If you miss going out on dates, these indoor date ideas are sure to spice up your relationship.

Wiki Wars

Let’s start the list with something fun – Wiki Wars!

So this is basically how Wiki Wars go:

To win a WikiWars round, one must click to from one specific Wikipedia article to another using only links within Wikipedia articles. Victory requires mental focus, precise clicking, a surprisingly large need for a knowledge of geography, & the ability to not start hyperventilating.

From The Gregory Brothers

You can watch this wiki war to get a gist of how it goes:

Lip Sync Battle

Okay. This one’s a bit challenging. You can choose songs from YouTube for your significant other to lip sync to and then switch off. You can also download a Lip Sync Battle app.

This is a great date idea for a hilarious evening with your favorite person.

Try the newlywed game

Remember that old game show where you answer questions about yourself and your spouse will guess your answer? Yup, that’s the one!

Guess each other’s answers with a newlywed game. This is a fun and interesting game that will not only get you two laughing when you stump each other but also help you learn a lot more about one another.

Here are 150 great newlywed questions to help you start.

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Card games

Play your favorite card games! It can be UNO, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens and more.

Create a stop motion video

Get creative and make a fun stop motion video of you together. It’s up to you how much prep time or energy you want to spend on making this. But I promise it’s going to be memorable!

Here’s an easy step by step guide to making a stop motion video:

Blind karaoke

Aside from being a great stay at home date idea, blind karaoke is also works as an awesome party game. To start, select a song on YouTube and put in headphones so only you can hear it. Then, you will be blindfolded. This works great as you can sing your heart out without seeing the reaction of your spouse. Plus, you can’t hear yourself sing.

Massage night

Who doesn’t love massages?

On your stay at home date, give each other a massage. This is a great date idea that you’ll both be looking forward to. If you don’t know how to give a massage, that’s fine! YouTube has a lot of tutorials.

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Learn a new skill together

Whether you want to try online learning from several websites or watch tutorials on YouTube, learning a new skill together is a great way to spend a date. You can learn both learn how to swing dance, speak French or cook a foreign dish.

Which one is your favorite? And do you have any more awesome ideas for stay at home date ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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