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These days, our lives are busier than ever. In fact, most people spend more of their time in their offices than at home. For this reason, we crave for a relaxing environment at home.

A home that’s filled with clutter, chaotic and disorganized is not a relaxed one. Your home should be able to nurture you and not leave you exhausted.

The good news is that there are several simple and easy ways to create a relaxing home to return to after work.

Light it up

Natural light is your best choice when it comes to lighting up your home. It’s a natural mood booster so if you’re thinking of moving your furniture around, make sure your favorite sofa is next to the window. Oh, and avoid thick draperies.

Add artificial lighting too! But choose light fixtures that come with dimmers. No one likes being under the white glare of fluorescent lighting.

Add flowers and plants

Flowers and plants make any house look and feel better. These help boost your mood, reduce stress, make sleep better, and even improve relationships.

Flowers are incredibly soothing aromatically and visually so make sure you keep some fresh ones around. Plants, in general, have restorative qualities and add a pop of color to your design scheme.

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Clutter brings about chaos around the house. Just looking at them can stress anyone out. Have a relaxing home by scheduling a weekend to tackle the disorganized items and piles of things in your home.

Invest in bedsheets

Sleep is one of the most important things to good health and well-being. Invest in high-quality bedsheets today and you’ll surely crave for your bed every day.

Choose ones that have high thread content for softer sheets. As for the colors, choose white, soft pastels or neutrals. And while you’re at it, change your pillows, too with supportive ones.

Use aromatherapy

Keep your house smelling peaceful and relaxing with a little bit of aromatherapy. Stimulate all your five senses. Light up your aromatherapy candles on a regular basis.

The almond scent is extremely soothing, while lavender promotes sleep.

Draw inspiration from nature

Redecorate around the house with nature as your inspiration. It’s the perfect decor to calm the mind. Most people feel a sense of peace when with nature. Try to bring natural wood, stone, driftwood and earth-toned colors for a nature-inspired home.

Change or rearrange your furniture

Keep your furniture in a comfortable and intimate setting. Place them at the most relaxing focal point. If you have furniture that’s nearly at the end of its lifespan or if it’s not to your taste, better sell it or recycle so you can buy a new one that you love. Seeing furniture that you don’t like on a daily basis will cause you more stress.

Display fresh produce

Not only is this healthier but fresh produce organized in the kitchen is more visually appealing and relaxing. Clear your kitchen from clutter and create and inviting atmospere.

Plus, with platters of vegetables and fruits, you’re promoting a healthier lifestyle.

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