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Not everyone has an astronomical budget when it comes to enhancing their kitchen. That is understandable given the current situation we are in today. Somehow, our jobs get harder yet our salary stays the same.

In all honesty, you do not have to be in the best kitchen. You just have to think harder on the things that you are planning to buy.

We are here with a list of things that will help you create the best kitchen you can afford. Here are things every frugal kitchen should have!

Frying pan

Let’s start with the basics. A frying pan is an all-rounder, you can use it for stir fry, stew, and other quick and easy meals.

Purchasing a non-stick pan also reduces your need for oil,  you also clean it easier. Although the theme of this article is frugal, you should consider buying a higher quality frying pan because this is going to be your best friend for years to come.


Chef’s knife

Investing in a chef’s knife is also a good idea if you do not really have the budget for a decent kitchen. A chef knife is simple and very versatile so rather than purchasing a knife set, you should consider purchasing a more expensive chef’s knife instead.

Investing in a good quality chef knife can improve your cutting skills since it’s sturdier and the blades will last a considerable amount of time.

Purchasing cheap knife sets is a known trap since the blades get dull easier and the low quality of the knives results in many more accidents compared to a decent one. You’ll end up buying a lot of knives if you opt for a cheap, low quality kitchen knife.

Save more money with a chef’s knife.


Spatulas and ladles

Of course, you’re not going to cook food with only your hands. You’ll also need spatulas and ladles to help you with your stir-fries, bacon, and eggs.

Considering you bought a non-stick frying pan, you should consider purchasing spatulas that are not made of metal. This way, you won’t scratch the surface of your non-stick frying pan and degrade its non-stick quality.

While it’s true you can cook using spoons and forks, it’ll be much easier and safer when you use spatulas and ladles. There’s a limit to what you can cook with only a spoon and a fork.


Chopping board

Another essential kitchen item that is most often overlooked is a chopping board. Of course, you need a place to chop your meat and vegetables.

You don’t have to invest in something expensive. Look at the cheapest chopping board you can find and that will be good enough. As long as you’re gentle, the chopping board can last a considerable amount of time before you need to change it.

You do not have to worry about your chopping boards. These are cheap and replaceable but most of all, you really need them in your kitchen.

If you have some extra money to spare, you should also consider purchasing two chopping boards. One is for vegetables and the other is for meat. A frugal kitchen does not mean it should be an unsanitary one.



If you still have enough money left, then you can consider buying a pot. Pots are also a versatile cooking tool you can use to cook all sorts of dishes. You can cook stew and create a considerable amount of soup for your family and guests.  You can also use it as storage when it’s not in use.

It’s also nice to have other cooking equipment ready when you need to cook a lot.

Frugal kitchens should have a couple of pots and pans on the ready but if you do not have the budget having one frying pan and a single pot would be good enough.


There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to being frugal. Each and everybody has their own different budgets and each has its own idea of what frugal really means.  It is inevitable that we have different takes and outlook.

If you have more to spare, here are a few other things you can purchase for your own kitchen 


Colanders are used in various situations. You can use it to drain pasta as well as clean vegetables. You’d be surprised with all its many applications and how frequent you will use this on the daily. 

The plastic colander would be good enough but a metal one would be much better,  that way you can use it as a strainer for when you cook some oily dishes like fried chicken and french fries will be worth it.


Can opener

In today’s time and age, cans can be opened fairly easily. Some cans come in their own can openers but a considerable amount of canned goods do not have this feature.

Sure you can use your knife to pry it open, but let’s be honest, a knife is not made for that kind of work. Worse, your knife might The can opener will definitely help you out moving forward,  they provide an easy, safe, clean, and consistent way of handling cans.


Storage containers

Another kitchen stuff that’s often overlooked is storage containers. Storage containers can be an important part of your frugal kitchen. Aside from minimizing waste, these can also provide a way to organize your condiments so that you will have more space for other things.

Purchasing a couple of storage containers can be a life-saver. Having a designated place for your condiments is a luxury that you would definitely enjoy.


Vegetable peeler

Peeling vegetables can be a daunting task. You can definitely use your knife to do the work,  but you will also be sacrificing a considerable amount of time doing so. Purchasing a vegetable peeler when you have the extra money can save you a lot of time when it comes to preparing your ingredients.

Vegetable peelers come at different price points,  however,  a cheap and simple vegetable peeler will work just as fine. 

Peeling vegetables is also one of the many causes of cuts. If you can’t control your knife when you are cutting vegetables, you can cause serious damage to your hands. The vegetable peeler is a better, cleaner, and more reliable alternative to consider.  It’s so safe that even your kid can do all the vegetable peeling.


And there you have it -a list of things every frugal kitchen should have,  and some when you have money left to spare.

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In all honesty, you do not have to be in the best kitchen. You just have to think harder on the things that you are planning to buy. We are here with a list of things that will help you create the best kitchen you can afford. Here are things every frugal kitchen should have! Click to read more money saving tips, lifestyle tips, lifestyle advice for women, frugal living, millennial lifestyle, frugal kitchen hacks, kitchen must haves list #frugalliving #kitchen