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For a lot of people, a large kitchen is where a family cooks fantastic food. Some people dream of having a 7-foot kitchen island that features another sink. 

Food would taste even yummier if you cooked it in an enormous kitchen that has a 9-foot ceiling with huge windows that let the sunlight inside.

Don’t feel bad when you have a small kitchen. It has its advantages over the big ones. You don’t have to spend an hour looking for something because everything is easy to reach and there are only a few spaces to look.

Physically increasing your current kitchen is not possible unless you renovate your house and knock off those walls. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that enlarge the look and feel of a kitchen without removing any walls.

Any kitchen size can feel big with just a few tricks. Here we have outlined nine ways on how to design your kitchen to get a roomier feel and create more storage.

Get shallow cabinets

Think outside the box. Not all cabinets have to be at a depth of 24 inches. Others are at a 12 or 15-inch depth. These types of furniture are for the upper cabinets.

When you use a slimmer lower cabinet for one area, you get to enjoy some advantages. You get more floor space. A small space may not look that much, but it makes a big difference for a small and tight kitchen.

Reduce your hardware

Have your kitchen looking fresh and breezy by removing clutter and reducing hardware. 

Start by using integrated reach-in pulls and touch-activated latches in your cabinets to create clean lines that will make your kitchen appear bigger than ever.

It even decreases the small items to bump into when you cook. You can also avoid getting your clothing caught. 

You’ll have minor hassles and more space for you to move in when you prepare.

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 Rethink the double sink

Often, people request a double sink. While a large one has its uses, it can take up a lot of space. 

If you are willing to compromise, go for a single sink instead of a double sink.

You’ll be reaping a lot of benefits from giving up your double sink. It will open more storage options and more counter space.

Especially for stock cabinet line that has limited size options, a single sink is the better option.

If you have a sink that’s in the middle of a window that has no room on both sides, it creates a dead zone on the space next to it. This part can’t be used to accommodate anything. 

On the other hand, if you have a smaller cabinet, it frees up more room on both sides. 

Thus, it gives more options for placing the other cabinets.

Install cabinet lighting

To light up a room and make it look big, you need good lighting. Often, only a ceiling fixture is put in the center of the kitchen which may not be enough to light up the whole room, you can get some Caravaggio pendant to do the trick.

Dark shadows around cabinets can virtually make a space look smaller than before. You can add lighting above, under, and inside the cabinet to make the room look brighter and bigger. 

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Choose a compact dishwasher

Compact dishwashers come with an 18-inch width size. Compared to the standard 24-inch full standard dishwashers, compact dishwashers are becoming popular.

It not only saves you more space, but it also fills up faster. Having to run on a full load more often means you don’t need to wait a day between washes to fill it up.

For a small family size, this compact dishwasher is a perfect choice.

Get a slimmer refrigerator

Put your fridge on a diet and choose a slimmer refrigerator. What people usually want is the large fridge that they can get, but the vast models with more than 36 inches end up full of clutter or are half empty.

If you are the type of person who does not cook often, or shop for fresh vegetables and meat frequently, it’s better to get yourself a slimmer fridge. This adjustment leaves more room for other essentials.

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Have panel appliances

Get a lighter feel with fridges and dishwashers designed to have a door front of your choice. 

This look helps them blend into the kitchen cabinets which allows for a more fluid look. Overall, it results in a larger and airier kitchen appearance. Don’t worry, this upgrade is not expensive and will lead to a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Mirror your backsplash

When you’re out in the kitchen preparing dinner, you might feel like space is more cramped. To fix this, get yourself a mirror for the backsplash. It opens up the sightlines and makes the room appear bigger than usual.

A tinted glass gives a moodier and smart effect as it makes the reflection look subtle.

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Use shelf uppers

For a small kitchen, having upper cabinets help in providing more space. Removing it isn’t a practical option. 

Open shelves on the wall create the perfect space to put tableware, storage bins and jars, and even cookbooks. These shelves give the room an airy feel. 

A few shelves provide the window a space to breathe since the room looks less stuffed. It’s not even necessary to have shelf uppers but removing the doors from a cabinet gives the room a breezy look. You can choose to put back the doors later if you want.

Have glass doors on cabinets

If you don’t want to remove the cabinet doors, you can opt for the glass door cabinet to lighten the upper shelves.

Make the look much airier without having to change the storage by switching the cabinet doors to glass inserts. You can display your beautiful collection of drinkware.

All in all, these are nine ways to give your small kitchen a new look and make it look big.

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Physically increasing your current kitchen is not possible unless you renovate your house and knock off those walls. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that enlarge the look and feel of a kitchen without removing any walls. Click to read more on how to make a small kitchen look bigger, lifestyle tips, home hacks, home organization #homehacks #lifestyletips #smallkitchen #kitchen