Will you marry..? Ok, before you say-“I do”, there’s a more important question I would like to ask you: Will you say- “I do” to a zero-waste wedding?

A zero-waste wedding isn’t a popular choice among couples. Most couples want their weddings to be expensive, classy, and unique: and that, unfortunately comes with a ton of trash!

Planning a zero-waste wedding is an effortless way of showing your care for the environment and at the same time spending your hard-earned money, thriftily.

Here are 5 tips you can follow in planning for an awesome zero-waste wedding.

A Wedding Planner Who Supports Your Vision

Wedding preparations are very stressful: that’s why most of us rely on a wedding organizer to execute our wedding plans. 

Not all wedding planners are used to organizing a zero-waste wedding. You would need to help them make it happen! 

Build mutually clear expectations. Tell them if you want eco-friendly souvenirs. Give them a heads up if you want your wedding to be paperless.

This will help both of you achieve your zero-waste wedding goals more EFFICIENTLY!

Opt for Simple and Reusable Items

There are a lot of wedding planners who recycle their decorations. Make sure to ask your wedding planner how they plan to do your wedding backdrops. Tell them to keep decors minimal or better yet, natural! 

If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, you likely won’t need much additional decor at all. Let the beauty of nature work the wonders.

zero waste wedding

Paperless Invitations

The good news is: your desktop’s recycle bin won’t hurt mother Earth. So, opt for online save-the-dates where your guests can RSVP to your wedding via email. You can be creative on this. For example, you can invite them through a save-the-date video! 

If you prefer physical wedding invitations, there are also companies that offer invitation cards made out of recycled materials. They use cloths, stones, and others instead of paper. 

Also, don’t forget to tell your invites that your invitation cards are re-usable! You don’t want your zero-waste efforts to go to trash. 

Use Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

The good thing about using eco-friendly beauty products is- they are not only safe for the environment, but they are also safe for your skin: and, IT’S CHEAPER!

If you will have your make-up done by a professional, search for a pro who is on board with using eco-friendly products. 

You also have the RESPONSIBILITY to know which make-up materials cannot be recycled! Some make-up materials that cannot be recycled are make-up wipes, fake lashes, and other packagings.  

zero waste wedding


Wait, I thought flowers are naturally eco-friendly? They are, but there are still countless initiatives you can practice to cut back on waste. 

Ask your florist to use locally grown and seasonal flowers. Also, tell them not to use foam in centerpieces and other arrangements! Just hope and pray they are not going to raise the price for this (Yes, it could happen).

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