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Before I wrote this article, I asked some friends if it’s easy to have eco-friendly apartments. Most of them said, “No, because eco-friendly materials are expensive”. Another even said, “It’s easy, just recycle”.

The truth is, having an eco-friendly apartment is not as complex as you thought and it’s not just about recycling and having a good scented house. 

If you want to be healthy and at the same time protect the environment you live in, follow these 8 simple tips for an eco-friendly apartment living.

Be Cheap 

Living in eco-friendly apartments should be cheap. If you are skilled in making furniture then do it yourself and use recycled materials! 

You will surely save big bucks while saving the world!

Consider Apartment Accessibility

Is your apartment near the city-center? If yes, then walk! Walking more means less fossil fuel emissions. 

As you are allowing nature to breath fresh air, you are also helping yourself have a better blood circulation. 

Get Some LED Bulbs

Switch to LED bulbs. LED bulbs are much more expensive than ordinary bulbs. They have 80-90% efficiency that means 80-90% of their energy is turned into light rather than heat. 

That will also lower your electricity bill. I told you eco-friendly apartments are cheap!

Choose Plants Over Chemicals

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released from dry-cleaned clothes, paints, and aerosol. They’re not good for us and they build up in enclosed spaces. 

It’s a good thing to buy HEPA filters, but as I said, eco-friendly apartments are cheap so opt for a more practical and a more natural option: plants. You can try growing these hard to kill air-purifying plants!

Clean with Greens

Natural products such as baking soda (try these baking soda hacks!), vinegar, and salt are staples in my apartment. I use it when cleaning the house. These don’t have any strong chemical scents and they clean efficiently. 

I also use natural products for my face. I use aloe vera, lemon, and eggs. Natural products are generally safer to use.

By using natural products, you are limiting toxins in your house and since natural products are organic, you can add them to your backyard or apartment compost.

Use Natural Decorations

Wood-designed decors are culprits for deforestation. Also, VOCs in your wood decor’s coating is also releasing toxins in the air you breath. 

Better use natural decorations for your home. Use stones, hanging plants, bamboo, glass, and natural materials to beautify your home BUT make sure it’s not made out of plastic. 


Release indoor toxins by making sure your house is well-ventilated. Make it a habit to open your windows in the morning to let fresh air in.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

These 3 play a big role in keeping a healthy home and nature. This idea isn’t new to you. This has been taught since the first grade. 

How do you do these 3? First, only buy things that you need. Second, before throwing away something consider if it can be repurposed and third, make sure to properly sort and clean your items before bringing them to recycling centers. You might even be surprised with these items that you can recycle.

Choose Alternatives

Finally, you can choose these alternatives to plastic and disposable items. Help prevent things from ending up in the landfill by choosing to use less plastic and avoiding single-use plastics. Yes, it’s possible!

Going eco-friendly in your apartment might seem hard but it doesn’t have to be. Start by making intentional choices with the help of these tips.

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