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Not everyone has the privilege of having their very own walk-in closet at home.

Heck, it even is worse when you only have a studio-type apartment. Everything out makes the room look unkempt, but trying to put all the stuff in the closet is hell – especially when you open the closet doors again and everything comes spilling out towards you.

To save you from this nightmare, here are some closet organization ideas you could try! 

Utilize Wicker Baskets

Categorize your stuff in different storage baskets for shoes, jewelry, bags, towels, and more! Stacking them up wouldn’t look cluttered and could even add up in your room’s aesthetics. 

Put Up a Clothing Rack

If you’re really lacking space in your closet, having a clothing rack would be a good idea.

It wouldn’t just force you to keep it organized all the time, you might also be motivated enough to actually plan your outfits and hang it there for the week. 

Be Resourceful With Your Storage Containers 

You wouldn’t need to buy new storage containers for organizing your things. 

Add resourcefulness and creativity with some of your closet organization ideas by thinking out of the box. For example, a shoe organizer can also be used for storing bulky or rarely used items such as towels and jackets. 

You can even make your own storage boxes by designing cardboard papers! 

Add Labels on Shared Closets

To lessen your relatives or friends from rummaging in your shared closets, add labels in their designated places for them to know where the items should go in.

Better remind them to properly put them back to where it should be afterwards – less work and rummaging for everyone! 

Organize and Display your Pieces at the Same Time

Can’t seem to stop having more of those fashionable bags but spending way too much time looking for the best match for your chosen outfit? 

How about properly display and separate them using clear hard plastic such as acrylic? Let that amazing collection be put on display!

Use Two-In-One Storage

Hitting 2 birds in one stone is always a good thing, especially if it decreases utilizing space in an already small area. 

Having a sturdy yet narrow shelf that can work as a shoe rack on the lower half and a storage space for trinkets and vanity materials for the upper half is one example. 

Maximize Closet Door Space

This is one of the closet organization ideas that would really maximize the use of your closets. 

Instead of using more closet rod space for your ties, scarves, belts and other accessories, install a towel bar on the inside of your closet door.

This would make it easier to choose what to wear for the day and would even prevent them from slipping off and being forgotten at the deepest darkest part of your closet. 

Purge Your Closet

If you’re aiming to get the best in closet organization ideas, how about purging your closet first? You wouldn’t know, the reason everything doesn’t fit in it is because things needed to get out. Here’s how to thin out your closet to help you declutter.

Toss it, donate, or sell!

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