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Do you find yourself getting stressed in an unorganized home? In this article, I will be giving you tips on how to declutter your home.

This may require a bit of sacrifice (from discarding a lot of unneeded items) and effort. But as you slowly finish decluttering a part of your home, you’d eventually feel benefits from it: a cleaner, simpler, more organized home, and less stressful environment. 

Here’s some genius tips on how to declutter your home:

Start a Little at a Time

If you’re new to decluttering, it may take you quite a while to finish especially if you have a lot of stuff stored here and there. 

Try and build momentum first by doing small things at a time, starting on your most preferred area to declutter. 

Get Help From Friends

If you’re planning a day of decluttering, you could bring a friend or two over to help you decide which items needed to be tossed or kept. 

This will help make it faster to declutter and have items be categorized in a much objective manner, and not much on its sentimental value.

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Make Your Home Guest-Friendly

If you’re always having guests in, why not make your home guest friendly? 

Place your decorative items in trays such as vases and candles to easily move them when needing extra space on tables. This also helps in cleaning up quickly as you don’t have to carry them one by one. 

Expand Cabinet Storage

Having everything well-hidden in cabinets is probably the best way on how to declutter your home. 

Try leveling up by adding DIY racks in the back of your cabinet, pantry door, or in your lower cupboard. More things to store and still stay organized! 

Conveniently Place Your Most Used Items

We know how much chaos is left in our cabinets after quickly rummaging through it trying to look for our favorite items. 

Place your most used items on eye level, or on your top most cabinet to prevent this.

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Pick a Preferred Aesthetic to your Home

Sometimes, having too many colors used inside the house makes it look unorganized. Pick your preferred aesthetic and stick to it. 

Start with picking complementary colors for your pillows, curtains or beddings. This will make it easy on the eyes when you enter each room. 

Resourcefulness in your Storage Areas

Finding your closet cramped for any more linen?

Place your towels in your bathroom instead and place them on pretty baskets for more convenience added with better aesthetics. 

Work on Those Cords

One cable doesn’t seem unorganized, until there are 3 or more of them all tangled with each other. 

Keep your home clutter and hazard-free by securing these wires in a cable box. Use cable locks on unneeded wires and label them properly for future convenience. 

You can always start with any of these tips on how to declutter your home. By having a slow and steady pace, you’ll eventually get that stress-free home you wanted and much more!

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