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Laundry rooms are often one of the messiest parts of the house. It doesn’t help that doing laundry is your least favorite chore, but it’s one of the things you just have to do to get on with life. 

Despite these, making your laundry look more organized and put together might just help you feel more serene and efficient. Here are practical laundry room organization ideas you’ll actually want to try!

Let’s get started!

Add a Few More Hanging Bars, Drip Hangers or a Rod

Maximize your laundry room’s space with hanging bars, drip hangers, or rods. If you have unused wall space, simply install a few tension rods, and voila you now have a place for air-drying or for hanging freshly laundered clothes. 

Drip hangers are also perfect for this job if you have no dryer or a clothes line in the room. Hang it anywhere you like and you’ve got yourself a more organized laundry room in minutes.


Have a Foldable Drying Rack

If you don’t have any space for drip hangers, rods, or hanging bars, consider getting a foldable drying rack. It’s super versatile and easy to store when it’s not in use.

Buy a foldable drying rack that can at least hold up to 32 pounds of wet clothes so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing.


Use Large Organizing Baskets

Organize your laundry fast and easily by investing in large organizing baskets. What makes these pretty cool is that you can quickly hide any mess in the laundry room by just stuffing your laundry and items in one large basket. It’s a neat trick that’ll make your laundry look better without much effort!


Build Behind The Door Shelves

A lot of people overlook the space behind the door. And those who don’t, see it as the perfect storage spot. Simply build your own shelves and mount them on the wall space just behind the laundry door. Make sure not to build these too deep or you risk not being able to open your laundry door to its fullest.

To get the maximum depth for your DIY shelves, subtract an inch from the distance between the wall and your laundry door’s hinge. 

Separate colors as you wear your clothes

This one’s a neat trick. It saves you time and keeps your laundry room organized. Buy a three-piece hamper and designate where the darks, whites, and colored clothes go. By the end of the day, toss your clothes in the designated hamper and you don’t have to separate the colors when it’s laundry time!


Make the best of awkward gaps

Does your laundry room have any awkward gaps between the dryer, washer, walls, and cabinets? How about making the best out of it?


Get slim rolling carts! A single one can make organizing your laundry room easier. Pretty neat, huh? And it requires zero effort.


Install More Counter Space

Do you find yourself always looking for some space to fold your clothes? Say no more.

Why not install more counter space into your laundry room? Try installing a plywood counter on top of your dryer just like how Vintage Revivals did in this tutorial. This will give you a folding station and more space in the room!

Hang a Pegboard Wall

It’s easy to find yourself in a messy and unorganized laundry room when you have tools lying all around. Organize your cleaning supplies on your wall with a pegboard. It easily transforms your space and makes finding for stuff easier. 

Say goodbye to wasted time looking for your cleaning supplies!


Buy a Towel Organizer

What can you do with towels? You can hang them, fold them, or roll them. Keep your towels organized and occupying less space by rolling them and using a towel organizer to keep them organized and easy to spot. You can use these for before and after washing towels.


Use Your Drawers to Hide Your Ironing Board

Tired of pulling out your ironing boards out of the closet and setting it up every time you need to iron your clothes? Here’s an awesome laundry room hack – hide your ironing board in your drawer! It saves you a lot of space and time.


Add Open Shelves

Stop worrying about wasted wall space by adding open shelves. Here, you can store stain removers and detergents for easier access and a more organized wall.


Use Hooks

This is probably the easiest laundry room organization ideas on this list. Install hooks behind your doors or on the wall to hang your knick-knacks, bags, and other items. This keeps the room tidy and organized.

Here’s a tip. Paint the hooks with the same color as your wall to make them blend in.


Put Labels

You can go a little bit crazy here and label EVERYTHING. Label your baskets and bins so you don’t have to waste your time looking for the right stuff. Use chalkboard labels so you can simply erase and reuse if needed.


Use Glass Jars

Keep all of your laundry supplies in glass jars for a more organized laundry room and keep these in one place. This helps you find your laundry supplies easier and faster. Plus, these double as decors.

Finally, make sure to keep them out of your kid’s reach so you don’t have to worry about any jars breaking.


Bring in a Bookshelf

Before you say NO, hear me out. Bookshelves are great as space savers for laundry rooms that are low on built-in storage.

You can also repaint your bookshelf and match it to the colors of your walls to make it blend in!


And that’s about it for our laundry room organization ideas.

Which of the laundry room organization ideas listed above is your favorite? Have you tried these before? Which ones are new to you? Try a few of these and let us know how it has made your laundry time easier! We’d love to hear from you! 

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