Did you know that the amount of food waste globally each year is more than enough to feed nearly about 1 billion hungry people throughout the planet? Let me rephrase it in a way that sounds more familiar to you. Clean your plate, there are starving kids in Africa!

Cutting back on food waste has a lot of advantages. You can save money from buying less food, it reduces methane emissions, it conserves energy resources, and it drives down the prices of foods!

Let me share these 9 ways to avoid food waste so we can both enjoy the benefits that it brings!

Shop Smart

If you’ve read some of my blog articles, I know you’re tired of hearing this from me- Shop smart! AVOID IMPULSE BUYING (we’re sure all guilty of this, ha-ha!) 

Just bring the exact cash you need for your grocery list to avoid overspending and buying unnecessary things. This article lists several ways you can save money on groceries!

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Plan your meals

Planning your meals allows you to have a more accurate grocery shopping list. This way, you avoid buying products that you won’t really use!

In planning my meals, I use an app called “Plant to Eat”. Plant To Eat allows you to organize all of your favorite recipes and create meal plans in one easy-to-use app. 

ways to reduce food waste

Eat Left Overs!

In planning your meals, make sure to include your action plan for leftovers. You can brown-bag them and bring them for an office-lunch, or choose a day in a week to eat your leftovers!

This helps you reduce food waste and help you save money!

The FIFO system

When unpacking groceries, follow the First In, First Out System. Place older products to the front and newer towards the back. 

If you’ve read my article on freezer hacks, the FIFO system is almost similar to the Eat-Me-First box. FIFO system allows you to use up older food products before it expires!

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Share or donate!

If you’re not planning to eat that broccoli that your mother gave you, better donate it to a friend or a neighbor than throwing it away to reduce food waste!

Remember, there could be people who need it. So think twice before throwing away food!

Blend it up!

Maybe you have excess carrots that you don’t want to throw away, blend up a carrot smoothie! If you don’t want to add the carrot stems and peelings to your smoothie, add it to your backyard compost!

reduce food waste

Store Food Correctly

How do you store food correctly? Easy. Keep the refrigerator below 41°F, store cook foods on shelves above raw foods, and store food in sealed containers. These are great ways to store food to avoid spoilage!

Also, always transfer leftovers from an open can into a more suitable container.

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Utilize Your Freezer!

Reduce food waste by putting foods you can’t consume in time, in the freezer- especially if you’ve noticed that it’s starting to look bad. Most frozen fruits and vegetables can be eaten again.

If you’re not going to eat it, convert it for something else!

You’ve noticed that your lemons are starting to go bad and you’re scared to add it to your meals; use it to clean your bathroom. 

Lemons are terrific cleaning agents! They’re a great ingredient to DIY homemade cleaners (here are some home cleaner recipes you can easily make)! Rather than throwing them away, convert it for cleaning! Worried about the peeling?- again you can add it to your backyard compost. 

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