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Guest post by Hannah Claudette Jacob

Pantry organization may be the last thing you’re thinking of today. But hey, pantry organization is a rather fun and exciting way to bring out the creativity in you.

Plus, you can show off your amazing pantry when neighbors and friends come over.

You can start off by emptying your entire pantry, and thoroughly cleaning it. Toss out anything that’s expired or not frequently used. Starting fresh will help keep things organized longer.

After clearing out old items, you can easily see what’s left to organize which will help you from purchasing unnecessary storage containers. Now, here are 10 fun and genius ways on how to organize a pantry.

Baskets are to love

Make use of vertical wall space by placing baskets on high and low shelves. Baskets up high can contain seasonal items like Christmas cookie cutters while baskets down below will be for kid-friendly essentials.

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Swap for pull-out drawers

If baskets aren’t your thing, then pull-out drawers might be. Fill the space below the shelves with pull-out wire shelves (great for storing your kid’s favorite snacks and lunch supplies) instead of leaving it empty. They’re a kid-appropriate height, too!

Dress the door with shelves

Putting a rack or shoe organizer on the back of the door can be used for storing condiments, spices, and other loose items. You can also hang kitchen utensils and dishcloths by putting a corkboard on the door. Also, with the use of chalkboard paint or contact paper, you can write down important reminders, grocery lists, and sweet notes to your family members.

Store dry goods in glass jars

Transferring common ingredients (like flour, sugar, brown sugar, pasta, and so on) into large glass jars with lids can be aesthetically beautiful. The same goes for small glass jars full of ingredients such as spices, nuts, and dried fruits.

 You can even take the jars to grocery stores for purchasing grains and beans because stores that sell bulk staples can give you a lower price than its pre-packaged counterpart.

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Laundry bags are not only for laundry

Hampers and mesh laundry bags aren’t just for laundry! Use hampers for storing large items, like reusable shopping bags (you can also keep plastic grocery bags tucked away by rolling and stuffing them in an empty Clorox container).

To prevent the dry skins of garlic and onions from going all over the pantry shelves and floor, use mesh laundry bags. These bags also help boost air circulation so your produce will stay fresh longer.

Double purpose items

A two-tiered Lazy Susan or dishes that aren’t used every day, such as cake stands, can be used as extra storage for pantry organization by placing small bowls or saucers both on top and underneath them on the pantry shelf.

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Horizontal stacking

You can stack PET bottles or water bottles in file folder holders rather than storing them vertically, which takes up more space. Another hack is to use a rubber mat with a series of grooves that can keep stacked cylinders from rolling away. 

Get cans under control

Having everything in plain sight is an easy way to tell when you’re running low on your favorite soup. To do this, you can place cans horizontally on a wire basket to maximize space.

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Labels are important too

If you’re not into label makers, make use of cute, decorative decals or colorful washi tapes to quickly label jars and other containers. Make sure to write down expiration dates as well to prevent consuming expired goods.

Add Inspiring background

Having a pretty background might motivate you to keep the contents in order. To do this, you can line the walls with a favorite pattern or paint a colorful background to transform your pantry.

Another option if you’re revamping your pantry space is to install tiles so that it is easy to clean whenever you need to.

Now, getting busy isn’t such a headache after all, is it? Happy organizing!

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